Saturday, April 29, 2006

Day Three

I was sitting in front of my computer clicking the NEXT BLOG button when I realized that the second hand on my clock was making a very faint "tick tick tick" sound. Not a revelation. We all hear those sounds all of the time. But I was sitting in front of the computer clicking the NEXT BLOG button. Just sitting here and clicking. As soon as one loaded, I clicked. After about 300 "tick tick tick"s I awoke. And now I am clicking the various letter keys on my computer, and the clock is still ticking. I type faster, but the clock still ticks. What is that all about?

After years of reflection ... and I mean like a dozen years ... I have finally figured out why time moves so fast for me. Just whipping by. Just look at this blog!! About the art of slowing down. And there have been no posts in a year.

So time is moving at exactly the same rate as it was when I was 20. And 10. And 30. And 2. No change. Time is moving at the same rate it has been moving at for all of our lives. As I mentioned a year ago, it is mainly our perception of time that has changed.

But it is also age. And situation. It used to be that eleven o'clock at night was mid-day for me. My best work happened after 2:00am. About 3:30 or 4:00 I would finally give in to sleep, then up again by 9:00. Not any more. It's not that there IS less time in the day, but it is that I HAVE less time. It's past what has become my normal bedtime as I type this. My "best work" time has become my REM sleep time. I don't get to sleep until 9:00am anymore (generally up by 6:30 or so), but my internal clock still longs for those late nights. And the quantity of my work shows it. Age. Children. These things each cause time to compress. I still have 24 hours every day. I just sleep through more of it. But don't tell anyone. Okay?

Photo Flickred from NormaJean